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Gillian Pilley
Gillian PilleyBA, CPA, CGA
Gillian brings experience in the fields of both economics and accounting to the practice. After working as a published economist with Her Majesty’s Treasury in London, Gillian began her accounting career in 1996. During her accounting career Gillian has worked with individual and corporate clients across a broad spectrum of industries. Her research skills and attention to detail have proved invaluable to clients in meeting their tax and business objectives. She has also been a strong advocate for her clients when dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency.
Alexis Kavoukis
Alexis KavoukisBA, CPA, CGA
Alexis has been working with Gillian since 2006. Before becoming an accountant Alexis owned an IT firm in Vancouver’s Harbour Centre. His in-depth knowledge of small-business operations comes first-hand from his experience running the company. During this time he developed a strong commitment to customer service and the understanding that each client requires a unique solution tailored to their specific needs. Alexis brings strong business acumen and passion for corporate accounting to his role in serving his present clients.