Premium Springs Water Company Inc.

Delivering Customer Satisfaction Right to Your Door

Premium Springs Water Company is privately owned and operated in BC, and established in 1998 by David Van Andel in Vancouver and has grown steadily from its inception. From a single delivery van and a product line bottled for them by a distributor, to today, with a fleet of vehicles covering all of the BC Lower Mainland and well into the Fraser Valley, and a new production facility in 2014, they are the epitome of a successful business.

Moving beyond their humble beginnings of providing a great to your door water delivery service, they now have a full range of products and services. This includes K-cups, cooler, filtration systems, special event custom bottled water and more. Expanding beyond water delivery to homes and businesses, they now offer services as well that are tailored to a wide range of businesses and individuals at industry leading pricing.

Their growth has ensured their clients the best products available and they are still focused on ensuring that all their customers are happy, and stay happy, just like back in 1998. They have listened to their customer’s needs and exceeded them. Ensuring that their clients are completely satisfied has been the backbone of Premium Spring’s success, and that will not change.


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