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Property Flipping? Know Your Tax Obligations!


What is property flipping? Property flipping is when individuals, including real estate agents, buy and resell homes in a short period of time for a profit. This also includes buying and selling a property before its official sale or construction—a process called an “assignment sale” but sometimes also referred to as “shadow flipping”.

Property Flipping? Know Your Tax Obligations!2020-05-01T04:40:48-08:00

2018 B.C. Budget Sets Sight on Housing Affordability


The B.C. government recently unveiled its 2018 Budget.  One of its key focus was on the province's housing market.  In an effort to reign in speculation and address housing affordability, the province is set to implement some new taxes, as well as, update some existing ones.  New provincial-federal programs will also be introduced

2018 B.C. Budget Sets Sight on Housing Affordability2020-05-01T05:31:46-08:00
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